Lukavac Cement is branding Products of recognizable Quality

New bagged product was placed on the market – SULFALUK

After the introduction of the new brand and after the huge corporative rebranding, Lukavac Cement refreshed the image of its products by introducing a new design of already recognizable bags. With this business move successfully was annotated 15th jubilee of a solid connection, as a synonym of excellent business relations between buyer and Austrian investor who turned Lukavac Cement Plant into the positive privatization story.

Bearing in mind wide use of cement in practice, we have decided to brand total product portfolio with the aim to make a positive story behind all brands. We can proudly say that we have already named our products and packed them into more elegant and more recognizable packaging on the market. Starting from today, Lukavac Cement offers new products to our respected customers, and those are SUPRALUK, FINELUK, LUMAL as well as our new product in bags SULFALUK”,

highlighted Nihad Begić Director of Sales and Marketing of Lukavac Cement.

BiH has a great Potential for reprocessing of a Waste into alternative Fuels

Cement plant Lukavac is investing in the installation of new technologies with the aim to protect the environment. Burning of waste in the cement industry is not harmful to the environment

According to the information from the Centre for Ecology and Energy, only in Tuzla Canton area 400-500 tons of waste are produced per day, which makes about 1 kg per capita. Unless the waste management is seriously taken into account, in 36 years Tuzla Canton could be covered with waste at a high of 1 meter. Expressed in quantities, by 2020, the Canton would have a stock of 1,000,000 tons of municipal waste, out of which 60% of the total quantity would be disposed, while the rest of the waste would end up in so-called illegal dumps.

Bigesst Cement producer in BiH creates a new Brand and refreshes existing

Lukavac Cement Plant recently has successfully rebranded their business activities and decided to split existing Lukavac Cement Plant trademark into two brands, Lukavac Cement and Lukavac Concrete

Recognizable as the largest domestic manufacturer of cement, Lukavac Cement Plant also enters into the concrete production segment and therefore, as a logical consequence, emerged a need for making a new brand and rebranding existing one.

Company management is aware of how important the strength of the brand is in everyday business activities. Therefore, they have decided to start rebranding professionally and be different that many others operating in the same industry. Together with changes of visual identity, they clearly communicate their messages and position themselves as reliable partner in construction business, whose aim is sincere and long-term relation with clients.

Crowned 15 Years of cooperation of Lukavac Cement Plant and Lukavac Municipality

Lukavac Cement Plant announced new investments, continuation of production modernization and the commitment to improve the quality of life of citizens in Lukavac.

Representatives of Lukavac Cement Plant and Lukavac Municipality today marked 15 years of successful cooperation. On this occasion, members of Lukavac Cement Plant management, Izet Imamović and Stjepan Kumrić, handed a letter of commendation to the Mayor of Lukavac Municipality, Dževad Mujkić, for long standing support that Lukavac Municipality provided for all investments and other business operations conducted by Lukavac Cement Plant in the process of creation of an ecological and technologically modern plant.

Cement Plant Lukavac Invests 20 Million Km in the Optimization of Production Process

Lukavac Cement Plant has intention to invest additional 20 million KM into the optimization of production process. This will additionally improve the quality of products in accordance to high ecological demands and will also position this company as a leader in our market in the field of cement industry. Except from the improvement of production capacities, Lukavac Cement Plant implement many other projects of high social value, thus contributing to the development of Lukavac, Tuzla Canton and the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina at the end.

Socially responsible behaviour is embedded in our business. We are proud of all activities related to the well-being of the local community and better living conditions of our fellow citizens. In previous years we renovated a park in Lukavac which is now adorned with a children’s playground, and we also renovated the city’s kindergarten hoping to make everyday life of the children more beautiful. To the Health Centre in Lukavac we donated biochemical analyser that has modernized work of this institution”,

underlined Izet Imamović, General Director of Lukavac Cement Plant.

Cement Plant Lukavac Is Rebranding Business Operations

After expanding business operations on concrete segment, Lukavac Cement Plant decided to split Lukavac Cement Plant trademark on two brands: Lukavac Cement and Lukavac Concrete

It is the proof of the continuous work on modernization and improvement of production, started by the management of the company back in 2001 through successful privatization by ASAMER Austrian Group. Recognizable as the largest domestic producer of cement, the factory enters the segment of concrete production, and as a logical sequence, the need for the construction of a new brand has been created, together with the need for rebranding the existing.

We are a synonym for cement production and by expanding business program on concrete we have decided to take the step forward on the market with two new brands, Lukavac Cement and Lukavac Concrete. In this moment concrete will be produces in our new plants in Sarajevo and Banja Luka, with intention of spreading of the network throughout the whole country in accordance to the demands of the market. We constantly listen to demands of the market, we invent and offer solutions, follow trends in the world and implement best practices, therefore we are quite certain that Lukavac Concrete will become recognizable by its quality, just as Lukavac Cement is”

said Izet Imamović, General Director of Lukavac Cement Plant.

Alternative Fuels Are Cheaper and More Environment-Friendly Energy

The world, in which the total population approaches figures of 9 billion inhabitants by 2050, has to think in a way that everything that can be used for recycling should be used, and should be utilized in in a good mother’s way for the generations to come. The cement industry could be at the very heart, or at least could be a vital link in the economy, using by-products of other industries.

Austria is a leader in use of alternative fuels in cement industry, with the average fossil fuels substitution rate of 63%. Germany is on the second place, saving 2,3 million tons of coal. Out of 35 cement plants in Germany, 33 use alternative fuels and relevant bodies and services have not recorded adverse effects in last 27 years. Some cement factories have achieved a 100% replacement of fossil fuels with alternative ones. The European average rate of use of alternative energy sources in 2012 amounts to 37%, while the world average is at a lower level with a rate of only 14%. Prospective for the efficient use of alternative fuels will largely depend on the type of the fuel currently available at the market, as well as on the flexibility of some plants to easily switch from one type of the fuel to another, and in large scale it will depend on skills and knowledge of managers in the process of production.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the use of alternative fuels in cement industry, but also in industry in general, is still at the beginning. In addition to the fact that utilization of these fuels contribute to an ecologically cleaner environment, companies reduce production costs in because waste is cheaper than fossil fuel. The current legal rate of use of alternative fuels is 30%.

President of Eco Forum Zenica, dr. Samir Lemeš says that waste incineration for the purpose of obtaining energy, if conducted in the proper way, does not harm the environment to the extent that other fuels do.

However, in BiH we do not have enough waste that can be used for this purpose. One plant needs enormous quantity of energy in the process of production and therefore quantities available in BiH can only satisfy a small part of these needs. Also, the non-selective disposal of waste to landfills in BiH is a big problem, because in this way people throw large quantities of usable material”,

said Lemeš.

Cement plant Lukavac has kept pace with world trends, and the first in BiH began to use these sources of energy. At present, the share of alternative fuels in their production is up to 30 percent, and the measurements carried out in 2015 showed that the emission of pollutants is below the lowest envisaged values and in accordance with the strict directives of the European Union.

Cement Plant Lukavac Is on the Pride and Honour of All Its Employees and Citizens of Lukavac

The event was attended by numerous business partners and political representatives, including the Prime Minister of the Federation of BiH

With special program and with presentation of all achievements, Cement Plant Lukavac annotated 15th anniversary of successful privatization. Numerous business partners and political representatives attended this event.
At the ceremony, which was held as a part of the two-day event “Doors open days”, once again it was emphasized that the change of ownership in Lukavac Cement Plant represents an example of positive privatization in our country, and a great contribution to the economic development of Lukavac Municipality and Tuzla Canton.

Cement Plant Lukavac Is the Example of Successful Privatization in BiH

Asamer Business Group made a significant investment in BiH which improved development of Lukavac and classified the Cement Plant as one of the most modern and ecologically most acceptable in Europe

Lukavac Cement Plant is one of the few successful stories on privatization in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and thanks to the takeover of the Austrian company Asamer Baustoffe AG, the Plant has become the largest cement producer in our country.

This year, we plan to celebrate 15 years of successful privatization with numerous activities. We are extremely proud to be a part of the prominent business group Asamer, which has made a significant investment in BiH. Since the privatization in 2001, the factory has undergone two major phases of construction and reconstruction with investments of more than 200 million KM. Thanking to this, from one of factories with obsolete technology, Lukavac Cement Plant became one of the most modern and ecologically most acceptable plants in Europe. Efforts made by Asamer Group to achieve high ecological standards contributed to Lukavac and its surroundings now breathe cleaner air“,

said Izet Imamovic, director of the Lukavac Cement Plant.

Cement Plant Lukavac Leader in Environmental Protection

Lukavac Cement Plant increased the share of alternative fuels in production from 10 to 30 percent of the energy value. This has been a great success achieved since May 2012, when Lukavac Cement plant, as the first company in BiH, received a licence to use alternative fuels in the production, from the Federal Ministry of Environmental Protection and Tourism.

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