Employee care is one of the important segments in the field of socially responsible business of our company.

With the aim of supporting the health preservation of employees, the management of the Lukavac Cement Factory has approved appropriate funds to the workers’ union for their spa treatment.

Nihad Suljić, the president of IOS, pointed out that many employees were referred to the spa treatment in accordance with the established criteria, and added that each of them was extremely satisfied with their treatment and the positive effects on their health.

“The emphasis in the Lukavac Cement Factory is certainly on the satisfaction of the workers, because we can thank our success and development primarily to the people who work for us, and we really strive to provide a pleasant business environment, as well as many other benefits. It is very important for us to have good cooperation with the workers’ union to improve our employees, primarily in the health area”, said Nihad Begić, member of the Management Board of the Lukavac Cement Factory.

This activity, implemented by the Lukavac Cement Factory, was just one of many in 2021 which was done for the benefit of its employees.