Cement Plant Lukavac Invests 20 Million Km in the Optimization of Production Process

Lukavac Cement Plant has intention to invest additional 20 million KM into the optimization of production process. This will additionally improve the quality of products in accordance to high ecological demands and will also position this company as a leader in our market in the field of cement industry. Except from the improvement of production capacities, Lukavac Cement Plant implement many other projects of high social value, thus contributing to the development of Lukavac, Tuzla Canton and the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina at the end.

Socially responsible behaviour is embedded in our business. We are proud of all activities related to the well-being of the local community and better living conditions of our fellow citizens. In previous years we renovated a park in Lukavac which is now adorned with a children’s playground, and we also renovated the city’s kindergarten hoping to make everyday life of the children more beautiful. To the Health Centre in Lukavac we donated biochemical analyser that has modernized work of this institution”,

underlined Izet Imamović, General Director of Lukavac Cement Plant.

Management of this company generously supports associations, fewer culture, sport and education projects as well as two local sports’ clubs.

We are particularly pleased to be an important employer providing working places for 200 employees, managing to secure them regular income, and we believe that we will c we believe that we will soon create conditions for new jobs. We unselfishly share knowledge with our employees, we send them to educations, which ensures that we have the highest quality staff ready to respond to the requirements of the modern market”,

concluded Imamović.

The doors of this factory are open to primary and secondary school students, who are happy to come and learn more about cement production, and through the program of professional practice, students from all over BiH have the opportunity to combine theory with practice in Lukavac Cement Plant, adopt new knowledge and skills. The experts of this company unselfishly participate in the preparation of numerous professional, graduate and master thesis, as well as professional projects in the field of production technology, working with colleagues and institutions in the country and in the whole region.