Cement Plant Lukavac Is on the Pride and Honour of All Its Employees and Citizens of Lukavac

The event was attended by numerous business partners and political representatives, including the Prime Minister of the Federation of BiH

With special program and with presentation of all achievements, Cement Plant Lukavac annotated 15th anniversary of successful privatization. Numerous business partners and political representatives attended this event.
At the ceremony, which was held as a part of the two-day event “Doors open days”, once again it was emphasized that the change of ownership in Lukavac Cement Plant represents an example of positive privatization in our country, and a great contribution to the economic development of Lukavac Municipality and Tuzla Canton.

The Privatization Agreement of Lukavac Cement Plant was signed in 2001. The new owner of the plant, the Austrian company Asamer Baustoffe AG, has invested 200 million KM in the modernization and reconstruction of the plant, making Lukavac Cement Plant the largest cement manufacturer in BiH and one of the most modern and ecologically most acceptable plants in Europe.

This year’s “Doors Open Days” stands in a sign of annotation of 15th anniversary of privatization of our plant. Our owners had a clear business vision which they have transformed into practice, immediately after the privatization and therefore Lukavac Cement Plant is the pride of all its employees, but also of Lukavac citizens. We can rightly say that we have made a comprehensive revolution in the Plant, a revolution that is now reflected in socially responsible business, harmonious life with the local community, business stability, product quality and environmental care. In the years ahead, we will stay in the same course and be the leaders in the industrial development of our country”,

said Izet Imamović, General Director of Lukavac Cement Plant.

The “Doors open days” event will continue tomorrow, when the gates of the factory, like in the past years, will be open to all citizens, who can enjoy in all-day entertainment and sport activities on recreational facilities.