Crowned 15 Years of cooperation of Lukavac Cement Plant and Lukavac Municipality

Lukavac Cement Plant announced new investments, continuation of production modernization and the commitment to improve the quality of life of citizens in Lukavac.

Representatives of Lukavac Cement Plant and Lukavac Municipality today marked 15 years of successful cooperation. On this occasion, members of Lukavac Cement Plant management, Izet Imamović and Stjepan Kumrić, handed a letter of commendation to the Mayor of Lukavac Municipality, Dževad Mujkić, for long standing support that Lukavac Municipality provided for all investments and other business operations conducted by Lukavac Cement Plant in the process of creation of an ecological and technologically modern plant.

We are grateful to representatives of Lukavac Municipality for recognizing the importance and the role of our company, which is a generator of positive changes in post-privatization period. Our strategic commitment is constant investing and modernization of the plant, which all, at the end, contributes improving the quality of life of the whole local community, offering new job opportunities, engaging local suppliers and service providers, and compliance with strict EU rules in the field of ecology. In future we hope to have Municipality’s support in realization of our long-term plans and investments project we plan to implement”,

said Imamović, member of Lukavac Cement Plant management.

On this occasion Lukavac Municipality handed a letter of commendation to Lukavac Cement Plant for corporate social responsibility and contribution of Austrian investor to development of the local community and for building a positive business environment under the umbrella of Asamer Baustoffe AG Group.