The Lukavac Cement Factory has been ceremonially marking the Earth Day through organizing various actions with young people and environmental associations within its project “In Friendship with Nature”, aiming to encourage children and young people to act and to develop their awareness of the need for continuous commitment to nature and the environment.

On this occasion, the Lukavac Cement planned to plant 300 new trees in Lukavac today in cooperation with the organization Let’s do it from Tuzla and students of primary schools. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this action has been postponed until the fall, when the conditions are met for this to be done safely.

Regardless of the current situation and postponed action, the Lukavac Cement is dedicated to protecting the environment and natural resources on a daily basis in work. Since 2012 when the use of alternative fuel as the fuel of the future has been introduced, the Lukavac Cement has shown its commitment to act as an environmentally aware enterprise taking care of planet Earth.

As the best evidence of this, Nihad Begić, director of sales and marketing in the Lukavac Cement Factory, highlighted the results achieved in 2019, as the factory managed to achieve 45% share of alternative fuels in production process, while the current share is 60%. Considering its technical capabilities, the Lukavac Cement will have a substitution up to 70% by the end of 2020.

The greatest value of these activities is reflected in direct fuel savings from nature for future generations and waste disposal in a much better and environmentally friendly way that would otherwise be thrown and sealed into the ground. In addition to these effects, a significant reduction in acid gas emissions is achieved, which additionally improves the quality of cement as well as the air in Lukavac.

The message from the Lukavac Cement Factory is to daily think of our only home, planet Earth, and to work together for its benefit and the well-being of all of us.