In April, Lukavac Cement held two successful trainings for craftsmen.

On that occasion, sixty best craftsmen received latest information relevant for craft works in the use of Lukavac cement. Exchanged were important experiences and presented new technologies from the field of cement, concrete and civil engineering.

The aim of the training was, among other things, the exchange of experiences and advices on formulas, together with practical presentation of methods and possibilities for making concrete mixtures, rules for concreting in summer and winter conditions, cultivation of concrete and use of additives.

On this occasion presented was a new product of Lukavac Concrete, permeable concrete, and this presentation roused huge interest of all craftsmen

Installation and use of Lukavac cement, by itself, is a guarantee for long duration and quality of the building. By using our cement, craftsmen with strong ecological awareness, contribute protection and preservation of the environment which is one of the most important postulates in the work of “Green Concrete Factory”.

All activities of Lukavac Cement and Lukavac Concrete in 2018 and in all future years are focused on new development and innovations, with strong intention to, in collaboration with our craftsmen and partners, improve existing and introduce new products, respecting, at the same time, highest production and environmental standards.

Hosts of the training of craftsmen were companies “A-3 Promet” from Kalesija and Prosperitet d.o.o. Srebrenik, long time business partners of Lukavac Cement.