In these unusual and difficult times, the Lukavac Cement Factory has promptly reacted to the corona crisis from the very beginning, showing solidarity in the fight against the pandemic. Medical institutions and medical workers are on the front lines of defense and every kind of support and assistance is of utmost importance to them.

“During 2020, we donated certain quantities of protective suits, masks, devices for measuring body temperature, sterilizers and other necessary equipment worth almost 100,000 KM to the UKC Tuzla and the Lukavac Health Center. We believe that it is our duty to fight against COVID-19 with all our strength. Therefore, we wanted to improve the service of medical institutions to citizens, as well as to make the work of medical staff easier and safer through our donations.  We need to stick together and show sensitivity towards our community, now more than ever, in order to overcome this crisis”- said Nihad Begić, Marketing and Sales Director of Lukavac Cement.

The Lukavac Cement Factory, operating itself in difficult circumstances, is guided primarily by principles of solidarity and humanity, with the hope that we will persist in the fight against coronavirus in the coming period by responsible behavior and nurturing good practices.