Alternative Fuels

The process of cement production provides unique opportunity for using different types of waste material, which cannot be further utilized or recycled, and still has a certain calorific value, as energy products instead of fossil fuels.
Our environmental policy implies, among other things, the use of alternative fuels and obliges us to do the following in our everyday business:

  • We constantly invest in modern technologies in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to reduce noise and consumption of fossil energy products
  • We preserve natural resources by using recycled products and secondary raw materials in order to save fossil fuels and natural raw materials
  • We continuously examine all materials used in our process of production with the aim to provide best protection of the environment and to reduce any adverse effects

Current permits :

  • Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism: Environmental Permit No. UP I 05/2-02-19-5-275/21 MK dated on 18.03.2022. g.
  • Ministry of Physical Planning and Environmental Protection TK: Waste Management License No. 12/1-19-016350/22 dated on 16.08.2022.

Environmental Protection

Being fully aware of the responsibility we have for the use of natural resources, our business philosophy is to have ecologically healthy environment and maximum reduction of emissions and imissions. Through constant share of information and education of our employees we motivate them and raise their awareness on importance of the care for health and environment protection. We follow latest European ecological standards and we truly keep up with the moto: “Restore to Nature everything that has been stolen from Her!”

Through our investments’ projects we continuously work to increase a share of use of alternative energy sources, aiming to be a main actor in waste management in BiH, and aiming to contribute to the reduction of the use of fossil fuels, CO2 emissions and reduction of own costs of production.

Joint but, at the same time, individual responsibility of all Lukavac Cement Plant employees is to comply with required regulations related to the quality management and environmental management systems. In such way, quality and environmental management are built in to all phases and activities related to the process of production of all our products.

Social Responsibility

We are of the opinion that the open dialog is a basic precondition for successful co-existence of the Plant and the Town. Apart from being actively involved in projects helping development of the local community, especially those involving work with children and for children, we undertake lots of different other activities such as: open doors days for citizens, visits of pupils, students, authorities and institutions representatives. At all times we are working to present the work of our plant, flows of production, undertaken and planned measures related to environment protection.

Our synergy with citizens, institutions, governmental and nongovernmental sector, health and culture institutions, associations and schools ensures a path for a good collaboration and improvement of living conditions of Lukavac citizens.

Apart from our traditional event “Doors Open Days”, gates of the Lukavac Cement Plant are always widely open for all citizens of Lukavac and Tuzla Canton, and especially for children and youth. Everybody can get to know about activities we conduct, learn about production process and the most modern facilities.

Our Certificates

Lukavac Cement Plant holds ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 37301:2021 certificates.

Our strategic commitment is to manage the quality system according to ISO 9001, thus demonstrating our ability to consistently deliver products that meet all customer requirements, specifications and comply with the law.

As holders of ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 50001: 2018 certificates, we desire to, among other things, prove that Lukavac Cement is focused on constant growth and development, aiming to confirm our efforts to care about people’s health and care about the environment, putting an additional effort in safety measures during the use of alternative fuels. Environmentally conscious clients will recognize the significance and importance of Lukavac Cement, and with this certificate, we clearly and transparently underline our obligation to preserve the environment.

ISO 37301:2021 is an international standard that guides the implementation of an effective compliance management system. By implementing this standard, Lukavac Cement demonstrates its commitment to compliance with relevant laws, both domestic and European, as well as various regulatory requirements, industrial codes, organizational standards and other applicable regulations.