Cement Plant Lukavac Is the Example of Successful Privatization in BiH

Asamer Business Group made a significant investment in BiH which improved development of Lukavac and classified the Cement Plant as one of the most modern and ecologically most acceptable in Europe

Lukavac Cement Plant is one of the few successful stories on privatization in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and thanks to the takeover of the Austrian company Asamer Baustoffe AG, the Plant has become the largest cement producer in our country.

This year, we plan to celebrate 15 years of successful privatization with numerous activities. We are extremely proud to be a part of the prominent business group Asamer, which has made a significant investment in BiH. Since the privatization in 2001, the factory has undergone two major phases of construction and reconstruction with investments of more than 200 million KM. Thanking to this, from one of factories with obsolete technology, Lukavac Cement Plant became one of the most modern and ecologically most acceptable plants in Europe. Efforts made by Asamer Group to achieve high ecological standards contributed to Lukavac and its surroundings now breathe cleaner air“,

said Izet Imamovic, director of the Lukavac Cement Plant.

In addition to being good environmental industrial example, Lukavac Cement Plant has made an outstanding contribution to the economic development of Lukavac and the entire Tuzla region in past 15 years. In cement production, only domestic raw materials are used, and more than 200 workers are directly employed.

Lukavac Cement Plant has been among the most desirable employers for years. We are aiming to have a healthy attitude towards our employees and we are constantly investing in their education and improvement. Last year, we employed 12 new employees, out of which six with university degree. In 2018, we plan to invest additional ten million euros in the technological development and environmental protection, which will certainly open possibilities for new employments. Lukavac Cement Plant is a socially responsible member of the local community, so through various projects we support all segments of the society because we want to improve the quality of life in our town“,

Imamović emphasized.

Also, Lukavac Cement Plant was the first in BiH to use alternative fuels from waste of high calorific value from households, industry and other activities, which contributes to the preservation of non-renewable energy sources, reduction of production costs for industry, and environmental protection through permanent waste management.