Federal Government observes Lukavac Cement as potential solution of Waste Management Problem

Press release

Prime Minister of FBiH, Fadil Novalić, today visited Lukavac Cement Plant and talked to the management of the Plant about technology, potentials for the use of the alternative fuels system in the process of cement production, a result of which is that the factory was known as Green Cement Plant.

Lukavac Cement is the biggest cement producer in BiH and a pioneer in the use of alternative fuels in the process of production, reducing the use of fossil fuels and increasing its demands for more efficient waste management in our country, thus observing all prescribed ecological standards.

It is closely controlled waste, whose incineration does not damage the environment. We turn it into the fuel, which we use, instead of coal, in the process of cement production. We fully meet highest ecological standards, and that was achieved by permanent investing in the improvement of production process. Just in the last phase of the investment (2013 – 2017) we have invested more than 25 million KM”,

underlined Izet Imamović, General Director of Lukavac Cement Plant.

Government of FBiH therefore views Lukavac Cement Plant as one of potential solutions for qualitative waste management.

From a pollutant, Cement plant Lukavac has become a purifier and with it capacities and technology is now in a position to significantly influence economically and ecologically more appropriate waste management, not only in Tuzla Canton, but in the whole BiH. It is up to the government of FBiH, cantonal authorities and the whole community to make the first step in this process and to turn waste dumps from the ecological problem to the source of raw materials for the production of energy”,

explained federal prime minister Fadil Novalić.

Waste materials, which can no longer be used or recycled, and has a certain calorific value, in countries with a clearly defined waste management strategy, use cement plants for permanent waste disposal in a safe way.