Lukavac Cement is branding Products of recognizable Quality

New bagged product was placed on the market – SULFALUK

After the introduction of the new brand and after the huge corporative rebranding, Lukavac Cement refreshed the image of its products by introducing a new design of already recognizable bags. With this business move successfully was annotated 15th jubilee of a solid connection, as a synonym of excellent business relations between buyer and Austrian investor who turned Lukavac Cement Plant into the positive privatization story.

Bearing in mind wide use of cement in practice, we have decided to brand total product portfolio with the aim to make a positive story behind all brands. We can proudly say that we have already named our products and packed them into more elegant and more recognizable packaging on the market. Starting from today, Lukavac Cement offers new products to our respected customers, and those are SUPRALUK, FINELUK, LUMAL as well as our new product in bags SULFALUK”,

highlighted Nihad Begić Director of Sales and Marketing of Lukavac Cement.

Today’s consumers are well-informed, create special demands on the market, and the need for a range of different types of cement. Taking into account the needs of customers, Lukavac Cement has placed on the market SULFALUK, cement used for the production of concrete exposed to humid and chemically aggressive environment, and is especially suitable for sewage and waste water systems, irrigation systems, for the construction of basements, chimneys, farms and other specific facilities.
These initial activities are merely an overture of our strategic commitment to anticipate market trends, with a multidisciplinary approach through which we develop new products directly in collaboration with customers, with absolute respect for strict environmental parameters.