Organized “Doors Open Days 2017” Event at Lukavac Cement Plant

On Saturday, 23 September, Lukavac Cement Plant organized 9th traditional event “Doors Open Days 2017“. More than 1500 visitors enjoyed, together with employees, fun day at Cement Plant.

Factory’s green surfaces were turned into sports’ fields for soccer, volleyball, bicycling for children and many other sports’ and fun activities. Every year Lukavac Cement opens its doors to all citizens of Lukavac, offering them an opportunity to meet employees and get familiar with working principles of the factory that is located in the heart of Lukavac town. Activities for children, such as: puppet theatre, carousel, art workshops were part of many fun activities which have attracted large number of children, who also received some gifts.

Citizens of Lukavac had an opportunity to visit a factory with lots of green surfaces, whose priority is maintenance of high eco-standards. In addition to all this, everybody shared the joy of success of Lukavac Cement Plant.