Lukavac Cement – a Pioneer in the use of Alternative Fuels

In many developed countries cement industry plays an important role in waste management problem solution. This trend is expanding rapidly all over the world. Today, cement plants are considered to be successful if they have managed to get about 80% of their energy needs from alternative sources. Some plants in the world already foresee, or have even accomplished to replace fossil fuels with alternative fuels in the percentage of 100%. The production process itself offers unique possibility to turn unproductive waste into the final product.


Lukavac Cement, also known as a Green Cement Plant, following world’s trends, ends up its third phase of investment of total value of 20 million KM, which will significantly contribute to more efficient, safe and ecologically use of alternative fuels in the process of production. Investments are directed on purchase of a new equipment and upgrade of alternative fuel dosing system on a heating part of the line for clinker production, modernisation and expansion of the dust bypass plant and instalment of the system for the reduction of nitrous oxides.

It is important to mention that in total emission of greenhouse gases, cement industry generates 5 % of CO2 emissions and gives its contribution to the reduction of global warming by undertaking different activities, especially in the field of reduction of clinker content in cement, by upgrading energy efficiency, using more alternative fuels and alternative raw materials and promoting sustainable constructions as one of preconditions for the adjustments to consequences of climate changes.
Lukavac Cement considers it its obligation to keep looking for solutions and to invest in new knowledge and technology in order to successfully keep up with trends in the world.


Throughout the whole wold cement is a core product, because there is no building of modern and safe infrastructure without it. The production of cement is highly demanding industry in the sense of energy and material demands. Utilization of alternative fuels and raw materials is an efficient way to respond these demands, wherein it is very important to harmonize economic, environmental and social aspect with an aim of achieving a sustainability.

By investing in these fields in future period, Lukavac Cement wants to achieve a higher level of exploitation of alternative fuels in the process of production, contributing, at the same time, to the reduction of unused waste which now ends on landfills or “illegal waste dumps” in BiH. Alternative fuels, also known as unconventional fuels, represent any material not suitable for recycling, but with a significant calorific value and therefore can be used as fuels instead of conventional ones, such as coal, fuel oil, natural gas and similar.
Upon the finalization of third investment cycle, Lukavac Cement will be ready to increase the share of alternative fuels in the energy balance and thus becoming an active participant in waste management, which will reduce the need for use of fossil fuels, reduce CO2 emissions and reduce own production costs.


For successful increase of the use of alternative fuels, it is necessary to make identification of alternative fuels in accordance to AG catalog/standard. Lukavac Cement actively works on the establishment of partnerships with alternative fuels suppliers, taking into account the need for precise defining of quality and control parameters. Co-incineration of alternative fuels is, primarily, safe process where the waste that enters the combustion process is completely degraded in a rotary kiln at temperatures above 1450 degrees Celsius and a relatively long gas retention time, with the neutralizing effect of the limestone. Cement plants play more significant role in the process of waste disposal in comparison to classic incinerators, since the ashes, formed as a result of incineration, are completely incorporated into the finished product. The whole process is completely safe, transparent and efficient way of waste management and guarantees full protection of peoples’ health and environment protection.
This has become common practice in the cement industry in many parts of the world. The nature of the production process ensures complete energy or material exploitation of certain types of waste and materials in strictly controlled conditions without the rest.


Orientation of Lukavac Cement is represented in a constant growth and development with the aim to be confirmed as a plant that utilize alternative fuels in a safe way. According to EU directives on waste incineration and the prevention and control of industrial pollution, the incineration process in cement kilns is considered as the best available technique. Therefore, in Lukavac Cement Plant, it is considered that the production of quality clinker and cement, with the preservation of the environment and the health of people, can guarantee a healthy, safe and sustainable future.