Lukavac Cement represented at International Fair Renexpo 2017

Lukavac Cement actively participates and exhibits on this year International Fair RENEXPO 2017 in Sarajevo on 8 and 9 November at Hills Congress Centre. On today’s conference, under the title “Solid Waste Management in BiH – Use of Waste as Alternative Fuel”, under the sponsorship of Lukavac Cement, Nedim Pašić, Production Director, talked about pioneering venture of Lukavac Cement Plant in use of alternative fuels and about ecological and economic advantages of the use of fuels obtained from the waste in cement manufacture process.

On that occasion, he emphasized that the use of fuel made from the waste contributes to the reduction of the use of fossil fuel, as well as to the reduction of the amount of waste that must be disposed at landfills. At the same time, it saves the energy, reduces greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide emissions and also creates new opportunities for development of the local and BiH economy.

Lukavac Cement, through its active participation and active participation in similar international events, wants to encourage and contribute to the better regulation of waste management and protection of the natural environment in BiH.

Our experience in the use of alternative fuels in the process of cement production show that significant amount of the fuel can be obtained from the waste and, at the end, we all benefit from it. We can learn from positive examples of European cement industry where, in majority of cases, the share of alternative fuel makes over 80%. All our investments in latest technology go exactly in this direction”,

said Nedim Pašić, Lukavac Cement Plant Director of Production.

Renexpo fair is a great opportunity for the presentation and exchange of experiences with local and foreign experts who come from different European countries, and it is also a great opportunity for seeking for some new and/or improved of existing solutions in the field of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, water and environment, which all makes good foundations for development of sustainable future.