Coronavirus has changed many things around the world. Even though the pandemic has reshaped the way of life and business so far, it has shown that unity, solidarity and team spirit are necessary to overcome this unusual period.

As a response to the current COVID-19 crisis, the Lukavac Cement Factory has developed the project called “COVID-19 PHOTOBOOK”. The working environment during one working day in our factory has been recorded through photos.

Caring for our employees and their health is one of the most important postulates of our business. Without them, there would be no development or evident success of the Lukavac Cement and the Lukavac Beton.

Therefore, we have decided to dedicate “COVID-19 PHOTOBOOK” to our associates.

This photo record is also a testimony of a difficult and unusual time when employees of the Lukavac Cement and the Lukavac Beton has been made a huge contribution, with their responsible behavior and commitment, in operating our plants without interruption days. The photo diary is also a big thank you to all our employees for their responsibility, dedication and discipline.

This is a photo story of our employees, with protective masks on their faces and their strict adherence to the prescribed measures, who strongly believe that the crisis can be overcame and all upcoming challenges mitigated with the success.

Let’s be responsible to ourselves and others!

You can check our COVID-19 PHOTOBOOK here: