Cem III/B 32,5 N SR-LH

Cement for making concrete exposed to sulphate / for concreting at extremely high temperatures.


Sulphate resistant cement with low heat of hydration with a content of blast furnace slag 66%-80%, and 20%-34% of clinker, including natural gypsum as a regulating binding agent. The certificate of conformity to specifications HRN EN197-1 i HRN EN197-2, BAS EN 197-1, BAS EN 197-2.


It is used for the production of highly resistant concrete in aggressive environment rich in sulphates due to the high proportion of blast furnace slag. It is specially adapted for the construction of marine and coastal facilities, as well as facilities for wastewater treatment, sewage systems and irrigation systems. Because of the lower heat of hydration, it is used for the construction of large-scale and volume concrete structures (large blocks, large base slabs, dam body, etc.), and is also suitable for concreting in warmer conditions with a reduced risk of so-called. “Burnt Concrete”.

Cement u rinfuzi 2

Transport and Storage

It is delivered in bulk.

Prior to filling with cement, vehicles must be cleaned of materials that may affect cement quality.

Store in concrete or steel silos that protect cement from external influences, especially from the influence of moisture.

When storing in silos, ensure that cement is not mixed with any other products.

With proper transport and storage, cement should be used no later than 6 months from the date of production.