Cement for production of concrete, mortar and cementitious screeds.
Specifically adapted for non-loadable concrete structures and concretes of moderate final strength.


Mixed Portland cement contains: 65-75 % Portland cement clinker, 21-35 % silica fly ash of mark V from the power plant and limestone of a mark L, as main ingredients, altogether milled in a ball mill with the addition of natural gypsum as a regulating binding agent. The certificate of conformity to specifications HRN EN197-1 i HRN EN197-2, BAS EN 197-1, BAS EN 197-2.

Benefits and Characteristics

      Moderate cement setting enables longer manipulation period while placing the concrete.
      Good workability is ideal for production of plaster and glaze
      Chemically resistant on mild aggressive environment due to the addition of siliceous flying ash
Physical-mechanic and chemical characteristics FINELUK CEM II/B-M(V-L)32,5 N Norm BAS EN 197-1 Demands
Stability of the volume by La Chatelier (mm) 1,0 ≤10
Setting time (min) 215 ≥70
Compressive strength on 7 days (Mpa) 25 ≥16
Compressive strength on 28 days (Mpa) 45 ≥32,5≤52,5
Sulphate content SO₃ (%) 2,1 ≤3,5
Chloride content Cl (%) 0,05 ≤0,10

Recommended for:

  • Construction of stabilization layers;
  • Construction of foundation, foundation plates and constructions of large section and volume;
  • Construction of concrete floors and glazing;
  • Production of non-load-bearing concrete structures with compression strength up to C25/30
  • Production of small architectural elements (concrete fences)
  • Making mortar for masonry and mortar for rough and fine rendering.

Transport and Warehousing

Delivered in bags weighing 25 kg (1.4 t on a pallet) and 50 kg (1.5 t on a pallet).

With proper transport and storage, cement should be used no later than 6 months from the date of production.

Bagged cement should be stored in a dry place protected from atmospheric precipitation, above ground on a pallet or other dry substrate.