Company Profile

Lukavac Cement started operations back in 1974, and in 2001 Austrian investor successfully conducted the process of privatization. After the construction of completely new preheating line, our annual production capacities started ti reach 700,000 tons of clinker and over 900,000 tons of cement. In 2014 we expanded our operations and introduced a ready mixed concrete as a new segment in production and, in addition, we have started own production in concrete plants in Sarajevo and Banja Luka. The sale of all types of cement for customers from Republic Croatia is carried out through the company “Lukavac Cement HR” Ltd. Sesvete, Zagreb. The factory has 50% ownership over “Vijenac” Limestone Mine, industrial quarry which, apart from Lukavac Cement Plant, supplies other factories in Lukavac with limestone and provides stone aggregates for concrete and lower layers of asphalt. From December 2023, we have become part of the prominent Talentis Group from Hungary.

Vision and Mission


We strive to be a synonymous with a company which sets higher standards both in the field of production, services, innovations and investments as well as in the field of environmental protection.


Through the quality of our products and services’ offerings, we create the best value for our customers. We act responsibly, promptly, flexibly and innovatively alongside hard work, thus creating positive values for our clients and Company owners. We continuously take care of health and safety in the workplace, commencing with all environment protection requirements.



Started the investment program for the construction of the Cement Plant with the capacity of 800 t clinker per day and 340,000 t of cement per year.


Beginning of the construction of Lukavac Cement Plant.


Lukavac Cement Plant construction completed in June.


Achieved projected capacity of 340,000 t of cement.


Due to the war affects, the production stopped in April.


Periodical production, in accordance to the needs.


Continuous production process started again in March.


12-10-2001 signed was the Agreement on Privatization between Cantonal Privatization Agency and ALAS International Baustoffproduktions AG, Austria Company. Changes in ownership structure – company ALAS International Baustoffproduktions AG with 51% of total capital become the majority owner.

Beginning of the first investment phase

  • Coal Mill
  • Coal Storage
  • Cement Mill
  • Clinker Silo
  • Fly Ash Silo
  • Packing Plant
  • Automatic dispatch system

Phase I: 45,000,000 €



12-9-2002 Laying of the foundation stone for the project “Expansion and Modernization of Lukavac Cement Plant” – beginning of the construction.


Reconstruction and modernization of the existing line and increase of clinker production capacities from 800 to 1,050 t – transition to coal combustion in clinker production – total reparation and modification of electrical filters.


04-06-2004 – Ceremonial commissioning
of new plants.


  • Achieved record-breaking cement production of 480,000 t.
  • Installation of a new laboratory equipment
  • Introduced new quality system ISO 9001:2000


  • Started packing cement in 25 kg sizes bags
  • Laboratory equipment: x-ray analyser and diffraction meter
  • Filter bags for cement silo
  • Stretch foil device on the second palletizer
  • Scales for limestone, slag ash on raw material mill
  • Clay dispenser
  • Measures related to technical improving of cement mill
  • Marl and clay transporter
  • Reconstruction of the doorman’s boot and car parking
  • Certificate ISO 14001:2004 (Umweltmanagementsystem)


28-03-2007 – The official act of handover of the Certificate of Fulfilled Contractual Obligations and the laying of the foundation stone for the construction of the new rotary kiln; the beginning of the second stage of reconstruction and modernization of Lukavac Cement Plan:
single, five-stage (Humbold) preheater (Humboldt) with PYROCLON LowNOx calciner and PYROTOP mixing chamber.

Beginning of the investment phase

  • Preheater
  • New kiln 2.000t/day
  • Raw material mill
  • Homogenization silo
  • Emission analyser
  • Central headquarter
  • Airmail

II phase: 55,000,000 €



04-06-2009 – finalization of the second phase of investment – ceremonial deployment of new plants.


15-06-2012 – Lukavac Cement Plant received Environmental Permit of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, permitting the use of alternative fuels.

Beginning of the third investment phase

  • Alternative fuels halls I and II
  • AG dosage system
  • Pre-calciner dozer
  • Clinker cooler
  • SNCR system for the reduction of NOx
  • Dust bypass

III phase: 20,000,000 €


Investment activities
TOTAL: 120,000,000 €

Pioneers in the use of AG up to 55% of total energy.


Assistant of the Management Board

Lukavačkih brigada bb
75300 Lukavac
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel. +387 35 552 101