Harald Fritsch gave an interview to Poslovne novine on the topic “20 years of strong bond”. You can read the full interview below.

Twenty years ago, the Lukavac Cement Factory was successfully privatized and became one of the most modern European cement plants thanks to investments of the Austrian ABAG Group in the amount of over 260 million BAM. The leading company in this group is Asamer Baustoffe AG (ABAG), headed by CEO Harald Fritsch, who has many years of experience in the construction materials business, as well as relevant experience in managing large companies. ABAG is a specialist in the production of high-quality construction materials, with key competencies in the field of cement and concrete production. The group consists of 12 companies with more than 470 employees at locations in Austria, Slovakia, BIH, as well as Croatia.

“We, in the ABAG Group, have a rich tradition and decades of experience in the production of important building materials. Our headquarters are located in the Municipality of Ohlsdorf in the Upper Austrian region of Traun. By using modern technology, we enable the production of materials at the highest level. In the area of Central and Southeast Europe, our group includes two successful and modern cement plants: CEMMAC a.s. and Lukavac Cement Factory d.d.”, Fritsch pointed out.

The year 2021 is extremely important for the ABAG Group and the Lukavac Cement Factory, because it marks the twentieth anniversary of successful privatization.

“In previous years, we have made a great business and ecological revival in Lukavac. From the factory, built back in 1974, with old technology and capacity of about 300,000 tons of cement per year, we have reached an annual production of over 900,000 tons of cement and 700,000 tons of clinker with commissioning of the latest production line in mid-2009. It was of special importance that we had a trained and qualified workforce at our disposal, which is still one of the most important resources of the Lukavac Cement Factory. We should not forget that we built social responsibility into the foundations of its business 20 years ago and that implementation of socially useful projects constantly creates new values for all people in BIH, especially for youth and children, environment and the local community” says Fritsch.

Becoming the largest cement producer in BIH was possible only with the right business strategy and constant investment in modern technologies. These investments were also recognized by competent authorities in BIH as the largest “green field” investment in the economy at the country level in 2008 when the Agency for the Promotion of Foreign Investments (FIPA) awarded the Lukavac Cement Factory the first prize in the category “Best Foreign Investor”. The President of the Management Board of the ABAG Group adds that FIPA also recognized the Lukavac Cement Plant in 2017 with an award for many years of successful business and significant investments in BiH.

Cement production in energy and material terms is a demanding industry. The use of alternative fuels is one of the most effective ways to meet this requirement, where it is important to harmonize economic, environmental and social aspects in order to achieve sustainability.

“Through investing in this area, ABAG Group plans to achieve the highest possible level of utilization of alternative fuels in the production process of the Lukavac Cement Factory. Alternative fuels, known as waste fuels, are strictly controlled materials or substances that can be used as fuel instead of fossil fuels such as coal, fuel oil or natural gas. Practice has shown that numerous advantages are achieved by modernizing the plant, introducing modern technologies and increasing the share of substitute fuels. A special contribution is reflected in the adequate waste disposal and management, environmental protection, as well as the conservation of fossil fuel resources and reduction of CO₂ emissions”, underlines Fritsch.

On the occasion of celebrating the anniversary of “20 years of strong bond”, the Lukavac Cement Factory is organizing the International Conference “From Waste To Green Energy With Less CO₂”, which will be held on October 6th at the Hotel Hills Sarajevo. Renowned experts from Austria, Germany, Serbia and BIH will talk about current trends and approaches in the cement industry, the use of alternative fuels, green energy, reducing CO₂ emissions, but also about the prospects of using energy without negative impact on the environment in BIH and the region.

“As one of the largest foreign investors in BIH, we want to, together with the Lukavac Cement Factory, initiate changes in the field of waste management, energy efficiency and sustainable development in BIH and beyond, as well as give additional impetus and exchange positive experiences and best practices. We have to constantly work on improving innovation and productivity, because only in that way can we create the necessary conditions for secure prosperity and a better future”, said Harald Fritsch.