The role of Cement Industry in Waste Management Solving Problem

Lukavac Cement, the largest cement manufacturer in BiH and a pioneer in use of alternative fuels in the process of production reduces the use of fossil fuels and increases demands for better waste management in our country.

Using different kind of waste as alternative fuel in our production, we primarily save natural resources and the money for their production and our environment becomes free of waste. It is obvious that BiH has a problem with adequate waste disposal and therefore all our investments into modern devices and facilities, amounting around 20 million EUR in past 15 years, represent permanent solution for the benefit of the entire community. Utilization of waste as alternative fuel in cement industry is very complex task we have been working for several years now, following best world’s practices. Our aim is to constantly increase the share of use of alternative fuels in production, in order to utilize significant quantity of waste, thus contributing, as much as possible, to the protection of the environment”,

said Nedim Pašić, Lukavac Cement Director of Production.

Alternative fuels are various types of waste materials that can no longer be used or recycled and have a certain calorific value. Countries with a defined waste management strategy use cement plants for permanent waste management problem solution. IN A SAFE WAY.
Utilization of alternative fuels in Lukavac Cement is conducted in a safe way, by turning the waste into the energy in kilns with extremely high temperatures of more than 1.450°C, holding gases for a long period of time, while, at the same time, controlling combustion. The ash, that is a product of combustion, is incorporated into a final product – cement. Advantages of the use of alternative fuels in the factory are numerous, but the most important is the reduction of fossil fuels consumption, CO₂ emission and permanent solution to a waste disposal problem, with significantly reduced number of landfills.

As I have already said, there are many problems related to waste disposal in our country, there is a lack of adequate infrastructure, but we always make an additional effort, together with putting investments, to motivate and unify all counterparts in this field in order to jointly work to create even better conditions for waste treatment, i.e. for the production of alternative fuels, in order to contribute improvement of economic situation and better protection of the environment. We are open for any type of collaboration and we invite all relevant institutions and alternative fuels producers to join us”,

added director Pašić.