Dr. sc. Silvija Vig held a professional lecture and presented an overview of the cooperation with the Lukavac Cement

During the period from 6th to 12th November of 2022, Ethics and Compliance Week was marked for the first time at the Lukavac Cement which was a cause for dr. sc. Silvija Vig to held a professional lecture “Role and responsibility of managers in an effective compliance management system”.

She is the founder and director of CODUPO Compliance company from Croatia, which promotes excellence in business and helps organizations to establish high business standards. She specialized in the area of compliance and integrity in business and brings her valuable knowledge and experience to managers and heads of the compliance function throughout the region.

During her stay at the Lukavac Cement, Ms. Silvija Vig, a leading expert in ethics and compliance, presented the current state of compliance in the region and pointed out that CODUPO Compliance operates in the wider region and significant developments can be felt recently.

In the continuation of her review, she emphasized that for the last three years she has been intensively dealing with the field of compliance, implicating that the entire business of the CODUPO Compliance company is focused on narrow specialization in the field of compliance, ethics, integrity and anti-corruption.

She noted that the Lukavac Cement represents one of the examples of good practice, not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in the entire region, as it will be the first certified company according to ISO 37301 Compliance Management System, although there is no legal obligation to do so.

She also expressed her impressions of our cooperation so far and said: “I have been following all the activities initiated by the Lukavac Cement for a long time and I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised every time by the undertaken initiatives in the area of socially responsible business including the organization of Ethics and Compliance Week. I am happy that you are raising awareness of ethics and fairness not only in your company, but also throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, and beyond. I am pleased that this year I participated in the initiative, out of which we made a gap analysis for the upcoming ISO 37301 Compliance Management System certification and held training for the Board and senior management on the topic “Role and responsibilities of managers according to ISO 37301. What makes me especially happy, what I noticed during our cooperation, is the management’s great commitment to the mentioned topics which is actually the foundation for building an effective ethics and compliance program.”

The ISO 37301 certification project at the Lukavac Cement was launched in January 2022, but high-quality implementation is a very complex process that cannot be done in a short time.

Finally, she added: “Currently, I can say that the Lukavac Cement is ready for certification – we are now entering the final phase of applying everything prescribed and we can expect an audit of the certification company in three months. I am happy that the Lukavac Cement opted for this certification, because it was not just about implementation, but also complete integration, given that the system already has ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 45001 standards. I believe that the Lukavac Cement’s decision was excellent, since the ISO 37301 Compliance Management System is a standard that contributes to the building of business integrity, protects the company’s reputation and credibility, which are qualities that enable doing business in the international market.”