Cement Plant Lukavac Leader in Environmental Protection

Lukavac Cement Plant increased the share of alternative fuels in production from 10 to 30 percent of the energy value. This has been a great success achieved since May 2012, when Lukavac Cement plant, as the first company in BiH, received a licence to use alternative fuels in the production, from the Federal Ministry of Environmental Protection and Tourism.

„This way of the use of alternative fuels is something completely normal in western countries, where the level of utilization goes up to 100 percent, while for us this is a very significant step forward. The results of the measurements that we conducted in 2015 showed that the emissions values of the anticipated pollutants are in compliance with strict standards of the European Union and below the legal set point. On this basis we filed a request for obtaining a new license for co-incineration of alternative fuels and raw materials“, said Izet Imamović, director of Lukavac Cement Plant.

Alternative fuels are usually produced from waste of high calorific value generated from households, industry and other industries. Lukavac Cement Plant currently has the license to use used tires and oils, waste from the leather and textile industry, spent filtration clay and mixed minced waste, as well as alternative raw materials such as oily soil, sludge left over from the treatment of drinking and sewage water, as well as galvanic residue.

„Waste tyres, used in the phase of co-incineration trial were collected from tyre mechanics, car repair shops and from controlled and uncontrolled landfills from the area of BiH only. These are the tires that have so far ended in illegal dumps, rivers and creeks where they are threat for the environment and nature. We often witness how unscrupulous citizens themselves burn out used tires in the open, making unbelievable damage to themselves and the environment. Therefore, the use of alternative fuels is contributing the reduction of waste gases emission and reduction of production costs for industry, preserving the environment through permanent waste management. In addition, it contributes to the development of the economy and the growth of employment“, Imamović emphasized.

In line with its business transparency policy, Lukavac Cement Plant implemented a system for continuous monitoring of emissions from the chimney that displays data on the factory’s website, as well as on local Internet portals.