On Friday evening, May 27, the event “Philanthropic evening with Maja Sar & Nermin Puškar – I contribute to the community I love” was held in Tuzla for the second time, organized by the Tuzla Community Foundation. On this occasion, philanthropists and humanists from the Tuzla region, who make an immense contribution to the development of their community, gathered. The program was opened with the exhibition “Philanthropists of the Tuzla region” and the monograph of the same name was promoted.

The special value of the event and the work of the Foundation itself is the gathering of an increasing number of donors, responsible and kind individuals and companies, who in these difficult times generously help projects such as investing in a better future for young people and contribute to the development of a promising, safe and sustainable environment for all generations.

We are very honored to have been the general sponsor of this beautiful event and we invite all good people and companies to support the work of the Tuzla Community Foundation and show solidarity and care for others.