Organized by the German institute DCC Delta Coal Control, we participated in the inter-laboratory comparison of tests related to the alternative fuel SRF and achieved an excellent result. The task for our laboratory and 53 other laboratories from Europe and the world was a detailed analysis of the same sample.

Thanks to the expertise and dedication of our engineers and chemical technicians, we showed how successful we are and demonstrated the exceptional capabilities of our laboratory, since its rating for the quality of sample testing in line with the international standard EN ISO/IEC 17043 was “Excellent”.

When talking about the quality of an organization, the concepts of quality control and quality assurance are definitely indispensable and the best way to prove it is a good grade achieved during the competency test.

This certificate is just another international confirmation that the quality control of raw materials and energy sources used in our production process is of great importance, which also guarantees the quality of our final product – cement.

We continue to invest in modern measuring devices and the education of our employees.

Special congratulations to our engineers and chemical technicians for the achieved results.