We have launched a new website, which was created to bring closer the importance of using alternative fuels in the cement industry. By using waste fuel (GIO) or alternative fuel, we can achieve a balance of environmental and social aspects, while the ultimate goal is to achieve sustainability. Since 2012, our guide in the use of fuel from waste has been a responsible attitude towards waste and the development of a culture of proper waste management. Our new website contains all important information about alternative fuels, how to use them and their many benefits.

On October 6th, 2021, we are organizing unique international event, the conference “From waste to green energy with less CO₂” at the Hotel Hills Sarajevo to celebrate 20 years of strong bond. To achieve progress and smart solutions in this area, it is necessary to act responsibly and transparently with participatory role of citizens and in friendship with nature. To ensure sustainable development, it is necessary to pay maximum attention to energy efficiency, adequate waste disposal and the use of fuels generated from waste. The introduction of green energy and the reduction of CO₂ are solutions that lead to a better future.

At the conference, leading experts from Europe and BIH will present new projects, strategies, technologies and ways to achieve goals defined by the 2030 Agenda.

More information about the conference, lecturers and application form can be found on the new website on fuel from waste via the link

Media sponsors of the conference are:, Business Magazine,, Radio 8, Oslobođenje, Poslovne novine,,, and FENA.