Lukavac Cement, as the leading cement producer, supported one of the most important BIH events in the field of architecture and urbanism.

“Architecture Days, Banja Luka 2018” were held for the fourth time in the period from 4 to 10 June. Apart from lectures by international and local architects and other experts, exhibitions, workshops and round tables, presented were products and achievements in the production technology of construction industry. Discusses were different issues related to current situation in the field of architecture, construction and application of construction materials.”

The aim of this several-day event was to create active and progressive local scene, which will become a part of the global architectural community. Since Lukavac Cement is striving to keep pace with time, therefore we fully support all events promoting new positive values and contributions to the development of the architecture and civil engineering in BiH. This year is special because it annotates the European cultural heritage, highlighting diversities, common historical background and variety of culture in today’s Europe and therefore it is important to be part of it, and it is important to provide support to all events related to the future and history of our own and European architecture. The opportunity to take part on the symposium, which lasted for two days and a chance to discuss relevant issues with many local, regional and European experts from the field of architecture and to gain some new knowledge, was of the outmost importance for all of us”, highlighted Nihad Begić, director of sales and marketing in Lukavac Cement Factory.

Lukavac Cement presented its products and modern production technology to a large audience of the event, focusing on the importance and relevance of respecting the standards of environmental protection and the use of alternative fuels without which European architecture and today’s civil engineering are unthinkable.

Lukavac Cement Factory is a leader in production of Portland and masonry cement in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 2001 the Factory is a member of distinguished business group Asamer from Austria. Because of the innovative approach and investment in modern technology the Factory was declared in 2008 as the biggest “green field” investment and “best foreign investor” in BiH.

With the attitude it has and with its efforts in the field of the protection of the environment, the Factory gained itself a name “Green Cement Factory” and the name is based on certificates ISO 9001:2008 i ISO 14001:2004, in accordance to best European practices and standards.