In cooperation with the Representative Office of the German Economy in BiH (AHK BiH), a full-day practical class for future EUREM managers was held yesterday, February 1, on the premises of Lukavac Cement.

This was an opportunity to host the participants of this year’s EUREM training program for getting the internationally recognized certificate for “European Energy Manager”. This German program has been implemented in more than 30 countries in the world since 1994 and has proven to be extremely effective in the past period.

In addition to the opening presentation and introduction to the work and activities of Lukavac Cement, Emir Ćilimković, B.Sc. of Technology and our energy, environment, and development manager, also held an expert lecture on improving the energy efficiency of the clinker production line by drying alternative fuel. Let’s remind you – Ćilimković is one of our energy managers and his final work as part of this education in 2019 was declared as the most successful.

After the lecture, the training participants raised questions and discussed not only this topic but also the experiences and benefits of the solution for Lukavac Cement, as well as all the advantages and importance of using alternative fuels in the cement industry, fossil fuel and energy savings, energy efficiency, and environmental protection. Accompanied by our experts, they also visited the factory facilities.

The representative office of the German economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Delegation/AHK Bosnia-Herzegovina is a licensed partner for the implementation of the EUREM educational program in Bosnia and Herzegovina and our engineers were its first-generation participants.

The EUREM program covers almost all energy-related issues that may arise in companies by combining theoretical knowledge and practical tasks for the purpose of reducing energy consumption in companies.

We were honoured to be able to share professional knowledge with our guests and show through concrete examples how energy-efficient solutions can be applied in practice.