Last week, 40 employees were successfully vaccinated at the Lukavac Cement Factory, which has been done in cooperation with the Lukavac Health Center.

“We care about the health of employees and strictly apply all prescribed measures from the very beginning of the pandemic. We have also performed constant testing, which contributed to the smooth running of the work process and making everyone feel safe in the workplace. Given the importance of immunization against COVID-19, the mobile team of the Lukavac Health Center visited our factory last week and vaccinated employees who have not received vaccines so far. This is of great importance for all of us” – said Nihad Begić, Executive Director for Commercial Affairs and Marketing of the Lukavac Cement Factory.

It is important to point out that the Lukavac Cement Factory has been maintaining good cooperation with the Lukavac Health Center, from the beginning of the corona crisis, to further improve the health care of the citizens of Lukavac.

That is why five medical refrigerators for storing vaccines against coronavirus were provided and handed over to the Lukavac Health Center today. It is about one professional and four portable refrigerators. Protecting people’s lives and safety must be a priority to reduce risks and successfully fight the pandemic.